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The County of Riverside's Traffic Count database is a comprehensive listing of Traffic Counts throughout the unincorporated areas of the county. The Traffic Counts come from a variety of sources including Private Consultants, Municipal Governments, Regional Government Agencies and the County's own Traffic Census Program. The vary nature of traffic volumes predicates that any number of factors may or may not effect the number vehicles which travel a roadway on any given day. The Traffic Engineering profession estimates in general, that vehicle travel may vary up to 10 percent on any given day. Furthermore, in an effort to provide the user's of this book with the most comprehensive data available, the County has included counts from reputable outside agencies which typically contract with Traffic Count and/or Civil Engineering firms to acquire count data. Based on these factors the County of Riverside makes no guaranty on the accuracy of the counts herein contained. By use of the data contained in the Traffic Count Book, the user agrees to hold harmless the County of Riverside, including its officers and employees from any and all liabilities, claims, debts, damages, or actions of any kind arising from the use of this count data. More about the Traffic Counts

Traffic Volumes are basic to all phases of highway development and operation. No other single reference tells an engineer, planner or developer as much about the road as the number of vehicles which use it. Traffic Volume data is needed for highway project development, analyzing, monitoring and controlling traffic movements on highways, highway maintenance, public information, highway legislation, traffic accident surveillance, and for many other purposes.

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Types of Counts

All counts represent a 24-Hour Average Daily Traffic (ADT) count for vehicles traveling in both directions. Counts are derived from pneumatic or electronic counters and include counts from the County's Traffic Count Program and counts received from the Western Riverside Counsel of Governments and Coachella Valley Association of Governments from their respective traffic count programs, for traffic counts in the unincorporated areas of Riverside County.

Some of the counts are derived either through estimation or calculation. Where for some reasons a count is estimated, or a special circumstance may reveal count values not within the norm, such conditions are specified in the Notes section of the count record. Traffic count requests often only require entering volumes. In these cases, the entering volume has been doubled to arrive at an estimated ADT. These calculated count values are indicated by an asterisk [*] immediately following the volume value. There are two primary types of counts: Traffic Census Counts - These locations are counted bi-annually as part of the County's Traffic Census Program. Traffic Engineering Counts - These are traffic counts which are made for specific traffic engineering studies (indicated by an asterisk [*] following the Count Station Number) and are not likely to be repeated in regular intervals.


The Riverside County Traffic Count Book or online database lists all count locations in alphabetical order by Primary Street and cross street. Count records are listed in descending chronological order. The following is an explanation of the count record fields, abbreviations and applicable indicators.

Location: Read as "On A Street Direction from B Street" Direction: N - North S - South E - East W - West Station#: A number assigned to each geographic count location point. This number can be used to cross reference additional count locations along roadway segments. Map Page: Reference Page in the County Maintained Road Book. Date: Date count was taken in the form Month/Day/Year Day: Day of the week on which the count was made Volume: 24-Hour two-way volume Notes: Conditions which will affect the normal count value or circumstances related to the purpose of the count are indicated in the notes column. Code Description CON Construction or Detour was in progress during scheduled count cycle. CTY Count locations which were included in city annexation or incorporation. EST Estimated Count - Technical equipment not available. DEV New industrial or residential construction. NCR Non-County Road, Traveled way or Traffic Controlled Driveway. RRX Rail Road Crossing * (Count) Volume counts which were calculated by doubling the entering (one-way) volume.

(Station)* Counts which were request through the County's Traffic Count Program which are not part of the bi-annually scheduled Census Count Program.

Additions / Deletions of Count Stations

As part of the County's Traffic Census Program, count locations or stations are reviewed on an annual basis for relevancy and usefulness. Some count locations are required by State and Federal Programs which may vary from year to year. As vacancies are created by changing requirements or diminished usefulness, other locations are recommended based on development, motorist habits or other factors.