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Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Department receives revenue from a variety of sources. At present, we have approximately 200 identified sources of funds. The capital expenditure of these funds is defined in a document we produce called the "Transportation Improvement Program" or "TIP". This document provides a multi-year projection of revenues and expenditures. It is updated and approved by the Board of Supervisors annually. The FY 2024 thru 2026 TIP budgets $908 million in total improvements with $312 million planned for FY 23/24.  Note: This represents the capital budget for the department. The operating budget numbers are not included.

If you would like a copy of the complete TIP or a specific section then click on the appropriate link.


FY 2023/24 Annual Edition - Approved 11/28/23

Previous Editions Approved
FY 2022/23 Annual Edition  10/18/22
 FY 2021/22 Annual Edition 10/26/21
 FY 2020/21 Annual Edition 10/27/20
 FY 2019/20 Annual Edition 12/17/19
 FY 2017/18 Annual Edition 10/03/17
 FY 2015/16 - 2016/17 Biennial Edition  12/13/16
 FY 2013/14 - 2014/15 Biennial Edition (1.6 m) 12/09/14
 FY 2012/2013 Annual Edition (1.3 m) 09/25/12


To present a perspective on the types of revenues we receive we provide below a pie chart depicting the significant funding sources and comparative amounts for the fiscal years 2024 thru 2026.  

TIP FY 24 Charts

The above funds have been programmed into repair and improvements as shown on the chart provided below. With over 2,200 miles of roads to maintain, it is necessary to prioritize maintenance activities with the discretionary funds available to the department. The new facilities indicated below are generally funded by sources that require expenditures on specific facilities. One example is the Assessment Districts. Assessment Districts represent areas where local property owners have taxed themselves to provide funds for necessary improvements that they have specifically voted on. Expenditures of these funds are not at the discretion of the Department and must be spent on the specific projects identified when the tax was created.

TIP 23/24 Charts 2

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